Your Mental Health

What is ruining your LIFE? You are quite capable of overcoming most everything that is thrown at you. Yet there is that one thing that trips you UP.


Wealth, Health, a winning relationship, a concern for the community, the State, the Nation maybe even the whole of Mankind. Yet there is this ruin, this “noise” that trips you up.

TAKE Control of your Mental HEALTH.

LOOK at what you CARE about;
shools, parades, children, family and friends
these “random shootings”, high GAS prices, Inflation,
Climate Changes,
“Gender concerns” let alone a “PANDEMIC” and a WAR with China/Russia?
Hurricane season will soon be upon us and still, there are political parties offending and defending themselves.


Turn off the news for 4 weeks and DO something silly.
READ a book.
Call ALL your Friends and Relatives connect up share some great news or nothing at all, just a “Hello”.

Say Hello to a “perfect stranger”.
Smell some flowers.

I have HELPED thousands, in these past few years, addressing the “TIMES”
we live in.
You can be safe. You can SURVIVE. You can be effective and successful and help others.
Get dangerous again and do something effective that will help us all.
Read Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health

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