1Million Dollars

Your Mental Health

What is ruining your LIFE? You are quite capable of overcoming most everything that is thrown at you. Yet there is that one thing that trips you UP.


Wealth, Health, a winning relationship, a concern for the community, the State, the Nation maybe even the whole of Mankind. Yet there is this ruin, this “noise” that trips you up.

TAKE Control of your Mental HEALTH.

LOOK at what you CARE about;
shools, parades, children, family and friends
these “random shootings”, high GAS prices, Inflation,
Climate Changes,
“Gender concerns” let alone a “PANDEMIC” and a WAR with China/Russia?
Hurricane season will soon be upon us and still, there are political parties offending and defending themselves.


Turn off the news for 4 weeks and DO something silly.
READ a book.
Call ALL your Friends and Relatives connect up share some great news or nothing at all, just a “Hello”.

Say Hello to a “perfect stranger”.
Smell some flowers.

I have HELPED thousands, in these past few years, addressing the “TIMES”
we live in.
You can be safe. You can SURVIVE. You can be effective and successful and help others.
Get dangerous again and do something effective that will help us all.
Read Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health

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How I survived well in the ’20s


I turned 69 years old in Jan 2020. One would have looked forward to such an event. Fortunately, I was quite
healthy at 69. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I don’t walk a tightrope.
I exercise when I want a coffee. I’ll walk the 12 minutes to my favorite coffee shop.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be giving a detailed Survival Guide.

Week 1

When Covid threatened I got my personal hygiene up a notch. we cleaned the apt from head to toe.
We emptied Closets and cleaned and each item returned to the closet was wiped down with Clorox wipes.
We dawned masks in Feb 2020.
We bought a year’s supply of Toilet paper and 12 bottles of hydrogen peroxide.
We prepared for a “LOCKDOWN” well before that was even mentioned on the TV.

The apartment was clean and disinfected. We sprayed everything with HP.
We had meat in the freezer and canned food that should last 6 months for two people.
Soon in March COVID became REAL when Starbucks pulled in its outdoor seating and the grocery store had bare shelves and then my CHURCH CLOSED.

Even if you don’t have a future there is a reason you are still alive

The two of us hunkered down to a Global SHUTDOWN and a national LOCKDOWN. We were to stay inside.
Our Busy street became an empty lane. NO TRAFFIC.
I could not walk for a coffee, just for exercise.

People wore masks. Even the homeless and the RICH landowners wore a mask.

Church ministers wore masks and spoke with us through a window.|
The Volunteer Minister organized and put out some Stay Well protocols booklets. Distributing around the neighborhood.
Church Elders and management found a military-grade decontamination DCON 7. This was used to disinfect and decontaminate the rooms, the whole building even the street and cars and Metro buses, and they extended their help to local churches and vendors and office buildings, and government buildings including police and Fire stations.

A ‘Bubble” was created so our Church ministers and staff would be safe.
Services were soon delivered carefully but delivered.

Take a WALK

Eat good fatty foods. Take Vitamins and drink lots of water,
and take a walk and LOOK at things near and far away. Get out of your head with all that “noise and figure-figure think”.
LOOK at the trees and buildings and cars and sky and LOOK.

We watched a lot of TV and movies and we talked and cuddled a lot and soon danced and fell in love again.
We cooked several meals. We ordered out only a couple of times and we had groceries delivered.

There is a reason for life and livingness. Hopefully, I’ll find it before I  go.
so tell me what happened with you?

How did you manage to survive in 2020?