Constitutional Rights in the United States

What about the US Constitutional Rights should you know?

If you could start all over again, what would you do a LOT sooner?”

  “Taking the American Citizenship EXAM ?”

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Let’s cover this question in depth.
In today’s modern world it appears as these Constitutional Rights have become ignored, obscured, and misinterpreted, to the degree most people are unaware of them with the police having a whole different view of them as well.
So we have a litigious society in the USA.

Let’s sort this out. Let’s get back to basics.

The United States Constitution was conceived in 1773-76

In 1775 the English colonials were intimidated by English LAW and its haphazard application by corrupt colonial government officials. These local constables enforced traffic laws and commerce laws and land ownership even marriages and associations were suspected by these local officials.
Some English officials preferred to remain in the new world while others felt it a penalty to be assigned a post to these colonies.
So confused and upset an insurrection and social opposition soon came about prompted by a 3rd party seeking the benefits and treasure of any winner or loser.
The Colonial BANKERS.
As it is today too many have “odd conspiracies” and fears of the other party to such a degree they would attempt a violent coup on the capital.

The FOUNDING Fathers feared the Crown would increase its presence with additional ARMED Forces to further enforce an unwanted rule and tax.

With no representation at the English Parliament, the Colonies assembled clandestinely and soon overtly to contest the ENGLISH rule. The New Rich Americans also wanted to protect their own coffers and land ownership.

The Federalist PAPERS tell of a need for a change and freedom from the CROWN. This seed soon evolved to a FREEDOM without meaning without a goal but a defining FREEDOM of a free people. A people and state to build a new world a new idea.
A new kind of Government.

Government and Constitutional rights


As these men gathered in secret and soon in the open this idea of a free and democratic elected republic, governing was brought forward. Rules and definitions came about barriers and freedoms and purposes evolved. Responsibilities were assigned and a new GAME of  a free nation was born. The Declaration of Independence was drawn up and signed by some of the bravest men of our time. These men risked their station in life their land their family ties their inheritance. Their very lives.

This concept was worked out for days and weeks. The rights of ALL men. The RIGHTS of Women. The Rights of landowners.
The rights of colored men (SLAVES) and the indigenous population.
What RIGHT should be allowed “THEM”?


image of bald eagle

The Idea that this Constitution should continue well into the future was also thought out.

At the time while drawing up these ideas when a RIGHT or Freedom was drawn and assigned it brought security as to its shelf life.
How could it be said plainly so it could be applied 200 years from now?
This document was a new idea.

The United States Constitution needs to be applied.

This brings us to an understanding that we should have a good knowledge of our rights, our Constitutional Rights.
All Americans need to know their Constitutional Rights. These long fought after and protected RIGHTS must be known and understood and APPLIED.
That this document is unfamiliar ignored even misinterpreted, allows these RIGHTS to get altered even degraded.
Too many citizens are getting arrested and jailed even killed.
Radical violent acts are conjured up and soon a racist militia is organized and attempts a coup on the very Capital it purports to safeguard.

What are the Constitutional Rights of the citizen?
Know your RIGHTS.

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This is book is a study of the US Constitution.
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We will gain a New World conceived of 250 years ago.

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